When I fell in love…

When I was just a little kid, I was so enthusiastic about falling in love. It seems like an amazing thing to think about, seeing couples walking around town hand in hand with a shining bright smile on their faces. Kissing in public like they have no care in the world. Everything about love when I was younger was so perfect and jubilant at the time. Maybe due to the fact that I was still young and naive, I didn’t fully understand what love really meant.

But now I do, and sometimes I wish that I am still that young and naive girl wearing her pigtails in her favourite pink silk dress. Love is indeed the most wonderful thing, it’s capable of making you feel different emotions. I guess I was brainwashed by my cherished Disney films. They made it seem like love is just around the corner and there is always a happy ending. But there is no such thing as happy ending unless you’re lucky.

When I fell in love. It was like receiving your first birthday gift, it was something fresh and exciting. I thought it felt really wonderful to have  someone in your life that loves and cares for you, it felt good. But then I didn’t expect that love could also hurt you as much as it brings you happiness. To the point that you would even lose your appetite with your favourite dish or how everything  seems dull to you even in a lovely weather. How ironic right? Back then Love was like a dream that I didn’t want to end but now I wish that when I go to sleep I will just wake up like it’s just one my biggest nightmares and eventually forget like it never happened.