To the future me.


Dear, future me.

It is undeniable that you are not impeccable. You are a person who made mistakes.
A walking jeopardy. Like a ticking bomb waiting for an outbreak.
Your words can gash through the heart and it will sting for a while. Because you believe in the saying “The truth hurts but it will set you free”. The sound of your laugh is like a rambunctious roar of a lion that can echo to the next town, yet like a contagious disease in this vicinity.

A charm like no other, not only the exterior but beauty on the inside.
You own a heart bigger than the universe and a sentiment sweeter than candy.
No wonder you had your emotions crushed a countless times, because you are a forgiver.
Someone that never ceases to give chances, because you anticipate that one day these people will change for the better.

But they didn’t
They never did.

However, Do not lose hope!

You are tough and fearless.
You have overcome many battles in life that are meaningless.
So do not think of yourself any less.
Because let me tell you. You’re the best.