Abortion should be banned at all costs

Abortion. It has always been a hot topic that causes controversy, brought to light through the recent debate in Northern Ireland. Some officials have recommended for a legalisation of abortion in certain circumstances; for instance, abortion is allowed if the foetus has a lethal abnormality. In my opinion, I highly disagree with this recommendation and think abortion should never have even been considered to be legalised. Yet, as a 21st-century woman, this opinion is viewed as highly controversial; anti-feminist even. We live in a generation where almost anything is possible. As time goes by we learn and improve, which is why there is a high probability that abortion is not the only solution to society’s difficulties.

Regarding the recent issue in Northern Ireland, some women are seeking approval for abortion because of rape, incest or serious malformation of a foetus. This is indeed a severe incident and I empathise entirely with this appalling situation. Obviously, this issue is not an easy one; the solution is not obvious. However, as a woman I believe we have other options besides abortion. The grief and anger should not be thrown at the child. If we take a chance by accepting the child we might learn to love the child – it could be the joy that will cure the pain that they have been put through.

Abortion is the process of terminating a pregnancy. It leads to the death of an unborn baby. One in three women between the ages of their 20-24 years old will have an abortion in the UK. These women are old enough to be responsible for the journey of motherhood and yet they choose the path where their conclusion is abortion.

Now wait” I hear you cry “what about if a woman who was raped and she was unwilling to carry the child that will remind her of the nightmare!” Let us always remember this: the child is not at fault and they don’t deserve to take the blame for a mistake they didn’t do. There is always a rainbow after a storm; the child could be a blessing in disguise, your bundle of joy. Although there are explanations as to why victims would want to proceed with abortion in my point opinion it is not right to sacrifice a pristine child’s life for another person’s desire. Abortion is not the only key to the door you want to unlock there are other options and people should not decide on abortion from the offset.

Many religious leaders still don’t approve with the legalisation of abortion in other countries because it is something that should not be easily authorised. We do not have any right to do so because we create life. But we were not the ones who gave life. Why do we choose who we can deliberately kill? A foetus is still a human being that is entirely feeble, fragile and faultless. Around the world young women and girls are easily deciding on abortion which they shouldn’t be as there are far better options. There are a lot of couples that can’t have the opportunity to have children. By giving the child up for adoption rather than abortion could also help couple such as these. Think about it – you could turn a mistake into a gift.

In the UK, each year about 200,000 abortions is carried out which also means the same amount of innocent lives are lost. Take Lucy Barker. At the age of 21 she had an abortion due to financial difficulties. She wanted to graduate and get a good degree. However, she was careless with her partner as they were lax with using protection and they had unprotected sex like so many University students. It was their choice to have unprotected sex. They were consenting adults and, therefore, they should have been adult enough to take responsibility for their actions. Therefore, they are at fault for doing so and they should be accountable for their own mistakes. They have their own free will and they are at an age where they are capable of making the right decision in a dilemma yet they took the wrong resolution–abortion.

Hold on.” I’m listening “what if the mother’s life is in danger and the child may have the disability when it’s born?” I suppose from some people’s perspective they would agree to this circumstance as it could save the mother’s life and also could prevent the child from suffering as well. Again, this reminds us that there is no easy answer. But life is full of surprises; we don’t know what the future holds. Technologies progress all the time and we discover different treatments to illnesses that we assumed we would be incapable of curing. When my Uncle was born with down-syndrome in the 1950s, the nurse pronounced he would never be anything more than a ‘vegetable’. What if my grandmother had aborted him? He would never have grown up to be the wonderful person that he is.

Think again: should we allow abortion in our society? From my perspective, we need to reflect on our actions and consider how we handle our decisions. In my opinion, the government in Northern Ireland needs to think carefully about legalising abortion. I understand that this is not a simple area of science and morality, in fact, it somewhere where science and morality seem to clash. There is no easy answer. But each and every one of us deserves to live our lives to the full. Everyone demands a chance at life, no matter how bleak that might seem from the offset.


A voice of a Teenager

Teenagers. What flashes to your thoughts when you hear the word teenagers? Ferocious, drunkards, rabble-rousers. 20th-century teenagers were said to be the fortunate ones for having to live a life with technology but at the same time teenagers were also labelled as what they call party animals and they have gotten worst over the centuries. That’s what society thinks about young people; however, they don’t really know anything at all or what they are actually capable of, teenagers could be a blessing in disguise and society is not even fussing about it. Teenager’s like Miley Cyrus 20 years old, A Disney star who’s been watched by millions of people ever since she was a kid she also gets taunted in so many ways by so many different types of people and it’s stereotypical for some to think that all adolescents are trouble makers like her just because she has changed rapidly with the way she display herself in the media through her fashion which became way more revealing than anticipated and how she interacts with people at the present time also  even her approach in the media, if there were to be a fire they would think minors like her would add more fuel to the fire. Especially from some parents, they try to mould their children into something they’re not, a leopard can’t change their spots just like Miley Cyrus can’t change who she is.

Miley Cyrus is a huge part of the Disney industry and one of the renowned stars in Hollywood but what struck the viewers the most is that she has transformed into something they didn’t want her to be because some parents expected her to be the role model for the youngsters yet she acts like a wannabe ghetto along with her what she calls her ‘Homies’ but what can we do if that’s what she wants to be and that’s what she really is we can’t just ask her to change for our own benefits and it’s basically taking away her right on having a blissful and exultant life. Especially with her music video ‘Wrecking ball’ in which she’s entirely nude riding a ball have certainly shocked the whole nation after that she got a lot of mumbo-jumbo gibberish comments from haters and to her so entitled fans who have turned anti-fans.

Particularly with her performance in the VMA which had a big outraged and a lot of people weren’t pleased with her performance even her co-stars were still in big dazed about Miley Cyrus presentation then. One reason why people weren’t happy the fact that they didn’t anticipate her to display that kind of behaviour mainly in public and they have seen her as an innocent female teenager star and she doesn’t click with the rebellious slutty look at all. Yet she displayed a very inappropriate performance and she was even half naked on stage in the VMA which made it unusual because this was their first time seeing Miley that way. There were also rumours going around that she had a ‘Pop a molly’ moment before she had her show and that’s another reason why her performance why in such a peculiar presentation. What has shocked them the most as well was her twerking and her danced with the singer Robin Thicke, 36 years old which look as if she’s inviting him in her cave and what have added more fuel to the fire was that he’s married as well which made the issue worse.

Miley Cyrus controversial VMA performance with Robert Thicke has divided even her most loyal fans, and made a lot of haters, especially going up the stage with poise in a latex bra and a thong for her performance and with her tongue frequently hanging out like as if she’s seducing someone. Some celebrities even said that her show was disturbing. They even said that her performance was not art and instead a cry for help humiliation on MTV which I thought was a bit harsh for the young actress. Those celebrities are rather barking on the wrong tree, they are just all bark and no bite. Taylor Swift 24 years old who even snatched a drink from a friend who was next to her to wash down her misperception and at one point they have caught her saying “shut the f*ck up”.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. It’s true that Miley Cyrus ‘performance is a bit of a surprise and has traumatized quite a number of people on the other hand that doesn’t make her a bad individual at all. She has driven far and long enough to get to the top and people have got to admit that she is indeed one of the most talented celebrities you know from the business. What I consider is that Miley Cyrus is doing the right thing and she’s doing it for her to be contented and not to make anyone delighted. It’s something that society should respect and comprehend because she is human herself and does have the right to be who she wants to be in life. She wasn’t born to entertain anyone, she was born to satisfy and enjoy her life as much as she could because life is just too short to fret about the trivial things when there are far better things to think about than to worry these problems.

That’s why I think she still makes a respectable model for teenagers not just with the drugs and insubordinate, stubborn, and slutty look image changed but the fact that even though she has been through a lot of scuffles in life she still decided to be just the way she is and she doesn’t worry what other people’s comments are to her. She doesn’t have a care in the world in other words as long as she’s satisfied and contented with what she’s doing which I think is inspirational to a lot of people. The only problem with society is that they tell you to be who you are and yet they judge you if you show the real you which I think is wide of the mark. Instead of judging the person they should, at least, give the person a chance and appreciate them and just simply accept their assertiveness and character because everyone deserves to be happy and have all the privileges to be who they are. Instead of shaping the teenagers to be who they want to be they just let them develop in the way they want to be because when the time comes they will blossom like a fine-looking butterfly. They should, at least, trust them on their verdicts because they are at an age in which they are able to make their own decisions and just be who they are. Teenage life only comes once in a lifetime you can’t be a youth now and in 10 years’ time, you’re still a teenager. One day they will have their own families and duties or even everyday jobs where they won’t even have time for themselves because they will soon have priorities and responsibilities and teenagers now will one day become parents and they will have their own life so before those things happen they ought to at least live it before their time comes because once it happens you won’t be able to take it back.