My skin care products

When I was a child, I have never really cared about healthy skin routines or products that are suitable for you. In a child’s perspective, obviously, that is not the first thing that runs through our mind. Typically, I would just sleep even without washing my face and when I do get the chance to wash my face, I would just use a body soap. Until I hit puberty, I started getting blemishes and pimples like a normal teenager, I also started to feel self-conscious about it. So I started using different skin care products advertised on the tv that are affordable, but these products never worked. However! That did not stop me to explore what other products can do, so here are some of the products I now used that made my skin better!

Skin clearing products

Here is a list of my essential skin clearing products I would highly recommend to people who are struggling with pimples. These products are made especially to those who are prone to it.
There was a time when I did not care about my skin to the point I started getting pimples myself and the rest is history. But then after using these products, it made such a huge difference. I only started using these products properly at the end of the year 2016. I have used these products religiously ever since which is why these products worked for me. Although I recommend these products to everyone, we all have our own skin types and these products may not be compatible with everyone who will be using this. It just depends on how your skin will react, but first, give these products a try and give it some time for it to work and be patient with it.

  1. The body shop Tea tree skin clearing mattifying toner:
    Before using this product, make sure that you have properly cleansed your face. Use a cotton pad and put at least 2–3 drops from the toner and gently wipe any excess dirt around your face.
    Sometimes, washing our face with cleanser is not enough, to properly get rid of the leftover dirt, we need to clean it properly with toner.
    What’s good about this toner it is not irritating to skins that are prone to blemishes, it does not leave my skin dry at all but rather makes it softer. Also, I liked how it did not react badly with my skin after the first week, I felt as if my skin has already improved through using this.
  2. The body shop Tea tree Anti-imperfection daily solution:
    Usually, I would put this on in the morning and when I use a minimal amount of makeup. This product was definitely useful for me since it did help prevent my skin from breaking out. One of the benefits of this product is the fact that it has a nice scent, and it is not oily to your face.
  3. The body shop Tea tree oil:
    We all have gone through that moment when it’s bothersome to have a spot/pimple the night before a special occasion. For situations such as that, I would recommend this product too. A drop would be enough for that one annoying spot, and it would help lessen the inflamed part. This product is also great for drying out the spot so by the next day or two it will be gone. It is also a great size for traveling. So when you have a bit of an emergency, this will come in handy.
  4. The body shop Tea tree mattifying lotion:
    The mattifying lotion is basically just a fancy term for a moisturizer, and as fancy, as it sounds it is really good too. Like I said if your skin is prone to spots or blemishes, this moisturizer is the one you are looking for. I have tried a lot of moisturizers but this is definitely the one I will be using for a long time.
  5. The body shop Tea tree skin clearing clay mask:
    Our face is like our body, the body gets tired from working and we will need relaxation or a massage to at least get rid of the fatigue and ease our minds from stress. It is the same with your face, your face also needs some special treatment and you won’t need to go to a fancy spa or derma clinic just to get that beauty treatment. You can just easily use an affordable product from the body shop which is the tea tree skin clearing clay mask. I would use this once or twice a week at least and each time I use it, it leaves my skin clearer and softer.
  6. The body shop Drops of youth:
    It is a unique gel-like water liquid care, normally I would use this after cleansing my face at night. So after using a toner, I would use this on my face before I go to sleep. Your skin will be smoother and replenished when you wake up in the morning.
  7. The body shop Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask:
    This is probably one of my favorite products from the body shop, which is the Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask. When I first got this, I would use it every other day. But when my face improved I would just use it twice a week at least. It might sting a little when you use it but once it’s dried out, the stingy feeling is gone too. Although it might be a little painful and you may think that it is irritating your skin? It’s not! I tell you. Bear the sting because, in the end, it’s worth it! Your face will feel softer and clearer.

Face wash / Cleansers

  1. Biore charcoal oil control scrub (Night)
    My face is very oily that is why I love this product because it really does cleanse my face and it does not leave my skin oily. Since I’m the type of person who loves to wear makeup whether it is heavy or not. This cleanser deeply cleanses my face and I like the fact that it never irritated my face as well. My skin is very sensitive to products that is why I’m very careful with what I use. So if you’re just like me, maybe you can give this product a try as well.
  2. The body shop vitamin C- Daily glow cleansing polish (Morning)
    Sometimes we have bad mornings, or we wake up with a tired face. That is why I chose to use this product in the morning because it makes my dull face have a bit of glow and it gives you that squeaky clean fresh feeling after use.

Korean beauty products

I wanted to explore other products hence why I decided to try Korean products as well as I heard from many sources that their products have done wonders to their skin. I have always admired how their skin glows and I’ve wanted to achieve a glass like glow skin.

  1. Its Skin, 10 WH effector with arbutin:
    This is probably the first product I have tried from them and so far, It has been giving me a positive result with my skin. After 1–2 weeks of using this product, It made my skin even softer. It’s supposed to brighten skin and correct any uneven skin tone. But so far it only made my skin softer, It will probably take longer than 1–2 weeks for it to work. If you want to get the best results you need to use it religiously and be consistent about it.
  2. Misha Black Ghassoul peel off nose pack:
    It is one of those peel off nose pack to get rid of white heads. This product is definitely worth a try as it is not that irritating to your skin, and it is very affordable. What I like about this is I can also apply it to some areas of my nose that is not reach by a normal nose pack. So basically the corners of my nose and also the tip as well. I can also use it to some areas around my face which are above the chin and some areas around the cheeks as well. It may hurt a bit but the pain level is bearable.
  3. Misha Time revolution white cure
    This product is supposed to brighten up your face and also to make your skin look softer too. I would usually use this in the morning or as a base for my make up. Basically, my moisturizer, what I like about this product is the fact that it also did not irritate my skin but made my skin even softer. You will also love the smell, and it gives out relaxing scent. After using this product for a while, it made my skin look brighter compared to what I looked like last year, this also helps your uneven skin tone and any dark patches/spots around your face.
    This may be a bit expensive compared to the other two products I suggested before but it is definitely worth a try as well.

List of face masks:
-G9 chocolate Milk Bomb Mask
-G9 strawberry Milk Bomb Mask
-Black Therapy
-Innisfree (Lime)
– Innishfree (rose)
-Innishfree (Manuka honey)
-Green Tea nose pack



To the future me.


Dear, future me.

It is undeniable that you are not impeccable. You are a person who made mistakes.
A walking jeopardy. Like a ticking bomb waiting for an outbreak.
Your words can gash through the heart and it will sting for a while. Because you believe in the saying “The truth hurts but it will set you free”. The sound of your laugh is like a rambunctious roar of a lion that can echo to the next town, yet like a contagious disease in this vicinity.

A charm like no other, not only the exterior but beauty on the inside.
You own a heart bigger than the universe and a sentiment sweeter than candy.
No wonder you had your emotions crushed a countless times, because you are a forgiver.
Someone that never ceases to give chances, because you anticipate that one day these people will change for the better.

But they didn’t
They never did.

However, Do not lose hope!

You are tough and fearless.
You have overcome many battles in life that are meaningless.
So do not think of yourself any less.
Because let me tell you. You’re the best.