Spirited Away Review


This astonishing Japanese magical and fantasy animated movie will bring you to another world as you will find yourself completely mesmerized in the middle of the film that’s how great the movie is because each time I watch ‘Spirited Away’ it feels as if it’s the first time I’ve seen the film. It’s one of Hayao Miyazaki’s bewildering works and this movie really deserves to be seen by many. He is a famous Japanese director who has appealed a number of audiences and has gained awards and international acclaim as an animator along with the co-founder of his Ghibli studio Isao Takahata. His works was also compared with the other famous animators around the world such as the American Animator Walt Disney and also the British Animator Nick Park this shows his works is also as great as them or probably even better if only you had seen all of his animations you would be thrilled with every story for its unpredictable endings.

I began to realize how remarkable he is as well as a person especially after watching ‘Spirited Away’ and that’s when I realized this movie will be the one I will be carrying and remembering even when I’m  old and wrinkly. The type of movies that you will be carrying in your lifetime. I thought his works deserves to be discovered by millions of people and I thought of how brilliant he is to be imaginative and how did he ponder all of these ideas? Where did it all come from? What had stirred him? Although the movie is indeed similar to Alice in wonderland In my opinion Spirited away would be the better version of it. This movie could be aimed at young children or teenagers but adults will also get a lot from this movie too. It’s about being independent, maturity at a young age and believing in you that anything is possible if you just keep on believing. What struck me the most is Chihiro’s priority to her parents in the film because it made her realize her parent’s importance when she lost them on the film at some point.

Miyazaki’s movie ‘Spirited Away’ is very much similar to the story of Alice in wonderland as Alice falls into a hole and she wakes up in an utterly diverse world. In spirited Away Chihiro along with her family were on their way to their new home as her father takes the wrong direction and without knowing they got into a mystic world. Since her father loved to explore he with his family enters a tunnel which lead to another place but what they didn’t know they have already entered a different world. In there they found restaurant stalls and her parents just rushed for the food and ate like a pig, but Chihiro went her separate ways and found herself in a bathhouse there she meets this boy called Haku who warned her to get themselves out of this place before sunset however when she went back to where her parents were it was already too late. Her parents were already turned into pigs and that’s when the story begins for her. Chihiro’s adventure to a new magical world gave me that WOW feeling and nostalgic feeling of my childhood memories. She’s the type of girl who would take no for an answer for these kinds of adventure which I thought was our similarities probably one of the reasons why I chose this movie in the first place. As the story goes on Chihiro meets numerous people from the bath house of God’s and one of the first she meets is Haku who also have a significant role in the movie for he will be the one helping her get her parents back to their human world. He is the one who will be helping her during her stay in the bath house. But God knows what could happen next? Would our little girl experience her firsts ever puppy love? Hmmm. What could this friendly relationship turn into?

As the story goes on Chihiro learns to love and care for the people in the bathhouse even the people there starts to love her as well for her charismatic and happy go lucky personality that’s why at near end of the story it’s gets harder and harder for them to say their farewells as they have started to care for each other whether they deny it they have become part of each other’s lives. This part of the movie have inspired the fact that I didn’t expect that all those people who have hated and discriminated her, at first, would be the ones rooting for her in the end to have a safe trip back home. The fact that they have supported her onto what she wants even though they wanted her to stay.

The Animation may not be the best quality of all films compared to the films now the fact that it’s quite an old film you will be intrigued by the story plot of this movie. Although it’s an old animation it’s also breath taking because it’s drawings is just very meticulous and detailed especially the backgrounds which are rich in colour and the surrounding in the Animation gives out the feeling of traditional Japanese which is indeed wonderful because it brings you to a different setting and this what makes it different to other animated movies the fact that it will bring you to a different world of animation and a remarkably different setting of story which makes it exceptional to the other Animated movies.

Miyazaki’s spirited away have captured the hearts of many and have won the best-animated feature film over ‘Lilo and Stitch’ and’ Ice age’ not just that but have also won a lot of awards in different award ceremonies. Spirited away has been nominated as well as best foreign film in the year 2002 in the French Academy of Cinema. It was a great achievement for the Studio Ghibli thanks to the animator Hayao Miyazaki that even his masterpiece was rated 5 stars.


A voice of a Teenager

Teenagers. What flashes to your thoughts when you hear the word teenagers? Ferocious, drunkards, rabble-rousers. 20th-century teenagers were said to be the fortunate ones for having to live a life with technology but at the same time teenagers were also labelled as what they call party animals and they have gotten worst over the centuries. That’s what society thinks about young people; however, they don’t really know anything at all or what they are actually capable of, teenagers could be a blessing in disguise and society is not even fussing about it. Teenager’s like Miley Cyrus 20 years old, A Disney star who’s been watched by millions of people ever since she was a kid she also gets taunted in so many ways by so many different types of people and it’s stereotypical for some to think that all adolescents are trouble makers like her just because she has changed rapidly with the way she display herself in the media through her fashion which became way more revealing than anticipated and how she interacts with people at the present time also  even her approach in the media, if there were to be a fire they would think minors like her would add more fuel to the fire. Especially from some parents, they try to mould their children into something they’re not, a leopard can’t change their spots just like Miley Cyrus can’t change who she is.

Miley Cyrus is a huge part of the Disney industry and one of the renowned stars in Hollywood but what struck the viewers the most is that she has transformed into something they didn’t want her to be because some parents expected her to be the role model for the youngsters yet she acts like a wannabe ghetto along with her what she calls her ‘Homies’ but what can we do if that’s what she wants to be and that’s what she really is we can’t just ask her to change for our own benefits and it’s basically taking away her right on having a blissful and exultant life. Especially with her music video ‘Wrecking ball’ in which she’s entirely nude riding a ball have certainly shocked the whole nation after that she got a lot of mumbo-jumbo gibberish comments from haters and to her so entitled fans who have turned anti-fans.

Particularly with her performance in the VMA which had a big outraged and a lot of people weren’t pleased with her performance even her co-stars were still in big dazed about Miley Cyrus presentation then. One reason why people weren’t happy the fact that they didn’t anticipate her to display that kind of behaviour mainly in public and they have seen her as an innocent female teenager star and she doesn’t click with the rebellious slutty look at all. Yet she displayed a very inappropriate performance and she was even half naked on stage in the VMA which made it unusual because this was their first time seeing Miley that way. There were also rumours going around that she had a ‘Pop a molly’ moment before she had her show and that’s another reason why her performance why in such a peculiar presentation. What has shocked them the most as well was her twerking and her danced with the singer Robin Thicke, 36 years old which look as if she’s inviting him in her cave and what have added more fuel to the fire was that he’s married as well which made the issue worse.

Miley Cyrus controversial VMA performance with Robert Thicke has divided even her most loyal fans, and made a lot of haters, especially going up the stage with poise in a latex bra and a thong for her performance and with her tongue frequently hanging out like as if she’s seducing someone. Some celebrities even said that her show was disturbing. They even said that her performance was not art and instead a cry for help humiliation on MTV which I thought was a bit harsh for the young actress. Those celebrities are rather barking on the wrong tree, they are just all bark and no bite. Taylor Swift 24 years old who even snatched a drink from a friend who was next to her to wash down her misperception and at one point they have caught her saying “shut the f*ck up”.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. It’s true that Miley Cyrus ‘performance is a bit of a surprise and has traumatized quite a number of people on the other hand that doesn’t make her a bad individual at all. She has driven far and long enough to get to the top and people have got to admit that she is indeed one of the most talented celebrities you know from the business. What I consider is that Miley Cyrus is doing the right thing and she’s doing it for her to be contented and not to make anyone delighted. It’s something that society should respect and comprehend because she is human herself and does have the right to be who she wants to be in life. She wasn’t born to entertain anyone, she was born to satisfy and enjoy her life as much as she could because life is just too short to fret about the trivial things when there are far better things to think about than to worry these problems.

That’s why I think she still makes a respectable model for teenagers not just with the drugs and insubordinate, stubborn, and slutty look image changed but the fact that even though she has been through a lot of scuffles in life she still decided to be just the way she is and she doesn’t worry what other people’s comments are to her. She doesn’t have a care in the world in other words as long as she’s satisfied and contented with what she’s doing which I think is inspirational to a lot of people. The only problem with society is that they tell you to be who you are and yet they judge you if you show the real you which I think is wide of the mark. Instead of judging the person they should, at least, give the person a chance and appreciate them and just simply accept their assertiveness and character because everyone deserves to be happy and have all the privileges to be who they are. Instead of shaping the teenagers to be who they want to be they just let them develop in the way they want to be because when the time comes they will blossom like a fine-looking butterfly. They should, at least, trust them on their verdicts because they are at an age in which they are able to make their own decisions and just be who they are. Teenage life only comes once in a lifetime you can’t be a youth now and in 10 years’ time, you’re still a teenager. One day they will have their own families and duties or even everyday jobs where they won’t even have time for themselves because they will soon have priorities and responsibilities and teenagers now will one day become parents and they will have their own life so before those things happen they ought to at least live it before their time comes because once it happens you won’t be able to take it back.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

This beautiful view never fails to put a grin on my dull face. Every time we eat at this place i would always sit near the big clear and transparent glass where i could see the outside so i can watch this view endlessly. Amazing right? You get to observe every single thing like lovers walking hand in hand through the traffic lights, cars trying to overtake another and how most of the buildings are modernised but the clock tower still have that archaic touch. That’s only a little peek of Newcastle for you there are more for you to see. 🙂